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Scottish policing has supported the development of police services overseas for over ten years.  We have hosted police officers from every continent, on study programmes in Scotland, and we have worked in other countries helping to develop their police services.  In addition, we have engaged in cutting edge international research programmes and collaborated on developing solutions to new policing challenges.

To ensure the quality of all our international programmes serving police officers, who are subject experts, work on all our initiatives. All training is delivered by police officers who have significant practical experience of their subject, and ensure that all training delivered is practical and up to date.

Every country has their own unique set of challenges, with their own legislation, culture, social structure, etc.  All training that is delivered overseas is therefore created bespoke, in partnership with the host police service, to ensure that the training works in the host country context.


Reflecting the context within which our activity takes place every request for development assistance is scrutinised.  Police Scotland only works with police services in other countries who recognise the Police Scotland values of integrity, fairness and respect, and human rights.  As part of this scrutiny, every request for assistance is subject to an Overseas Security and Justice Assessment, as per Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office Policy.

Also, all our activities embrace the Scottish Government principles and approach to international development as a Global Citizen.

International development is a key part of Scotland's contribution within the international community. It is our ambition to collaborate on initiatives, and to support our international partners, towards achieving the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

Whilst Police Scotland’s main purpose is to improve the safety and well-being of people, places and communities in Scotland national and international dimensions to poverty, justice, inequality and climate change are interlinked.  To provide a specific focus on these issues we created the Police Scotland International Academy.

Through our Police Scotland International Academy we engage in rights based, risk assessed initiatives, both in Scotland and overseas, to:

  • promote gender equality

  • facilitate decent work and economic growth

  • reduce inequality

  • create sustainable cities and communities

  • build peace, justice and strong institutions

  • forge partnerships to support the UN Goals


As global citizens, we will work with people, communities and countries which will benefit from our expertise in:

  • police reform

  • leadership

  • community policing

  • protecting vulnerable people

  • human rights

  • professional development


The Academy is led by a dedicated team of police officers and police staff who have significant international experience.

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