End of one era start of a new!

Inspector Craig Rankine (QPM MBE) will retire from Police Scotland in October 2021 but is already enjoying some well earned leave before his official retirement date. Craig has been the Programme Manager for Malawi, Zambia and latterly Colombia. We asked him to give us some of the highlights from his time in the International Development and Innovation Unit @ the Police Scotland International Academy.

"Nothing prepares you for your first day in Africa when the reality sinks in that you are on your own with no recognisable support network. It's a "gulp" moment. It's at that point that your personal resilience is tested to the max, your training kicks in and you just get on with it.

The Malawi Police Service wanted to improve trust and confidence between police and public. They were interested in how Police Scotland prioritise issues after consulting with local communities. This photo shows me chairing a meeting between the Malawi Police Service and community leaders in a market place setting. This illustrates setting priorities the Malawi way.