PSIA continues to spread its wing and welcomes new visitors

Since the opening of the Police Scotland International Academy by the First Minister Nicola Sturgeon in July, there has been a plethora of activity within the Academy.

Only a few weeks ago, PM Boris Johnson visited Police Headquarters Tulliallan for a briefing on planning for COP26 and took the time to visit PSIA and chat to our team about some of our ongoing international work.

PSIA also opened its doors to some of our critical friends from the worlds of academia and third sector with whom we are committed to a close collaborative working relationship. We are planning further similar events in the coming weeks to allow more of our critical friends and partners to visit our fabulous facility and engage in those all important conversations which will help us to make sure we are heading in the right direction!

What else is happening....?

Our existing international Programmes with Sri Lanka, Malawi and Zambia have been paused due to COVID but we are monitoring the situations in all of these countries closely.

Other projects are continuing to develop online such as ICOP (International Collaboration on Policing). ICOP is a leadership programme Police Scotland is running in partnership with PERF (Policing Executive Research Forum) in the USA. This is a programme involving 12 Superintendents from Police Scotland and 12 equivalent Police Leaders from across the US, exploring common themes, professional experiences and discussing the challenges of their respective roles. So far we have run four online workshops around various themes and plans are ongoing to welcome our American colleagues to Scotland during COP26 .

Our ongoing work with the National Police of Colombia is also continuing online and there will be more on this and ICOP in a future blog!

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