Superintendent Field in Glasgow as Observer

The RGP’s Superintendent John Field is currently in Glasgow as an observer at the UN climate conference, COP26 – but he’s not there to listen to discussions of climate change. The Conference is one of the most high profile events ever to be held in the United Kingdom as it brings together world leaders, heads of state, climate experts and campaigners from all over the world - all aiming to agree on coordinated action to tackle the problem of climate change. Along with officers from the USA and Bermuda, Supt Field is in Glasgow to learn from the experience of Police Scotland as they aim to deliver a safe and secure COP26. Around 12,000 police officers will be deployed each day during the conference in Glasgow. Five thousand officers will be drafted in from across Scotland, supported by seven thousand colleagues from other UK police forces as part of mutual aid arrangements. Supt Field said, ‘I have never seen a police operation on this scale before so it has been an amazing experience and one that, I hope, will be of benefit to the RGP.’

Top photo shows Supt Field (right), along with observers from the USA and Bermuda with two female police officers who lead the Observer Programme.

Superintendent Field during COP26